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StandWithUs International is the Israeli affiliate of US-based pro-Israel advocacy organisation StandWithUs. It is responsible for all activities outside North America.[1]

Gaza flotilla counter-demonstration

StandWithUs fellow Roman Baron organised a counter-demonstration against the Free Gaza Flotilla on 28 May 2010, with six boats from the Israeli port of Ashdod. StandwithUsInternational Fellowship Alumni Coordinator Lior Meir said he was overwhelmed by the "tons of support we received from people on the dock. They are so grateful that we went out to sea to confront these self-styled European human rights activists. It is so clearly evident that the world needs to see what the situation really is."[2]

However, a Jerusalem Post analysis of coverage around the flotilla suggested the effort had been a failure:

How much coverage and attention did the 'counter flotilla' organized by Stand With Us generate across the web? SWU sent out a few little boats last week, a press release and some pictures, and that was that. There was no staying power to this valiant PR attempt because it didn't manage to garner popular support.[3]



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