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Scottish Financial Enterprise is a corporate lobby group which represents the financial industry in Scotland.

Its own website acknowledges its main function is lobbying:

The key focus of our work is:
  • Lobbying for improvements to the business environment that Scotland provides for the financial services industry.
  • Influencing government, regulators and other policy-makers outwith Scotland, mainly in Westminster and Brussels, by facilitating engagement between them and our members.
  • Promoting greater awareness, understanding and support of Scotland’s financial services industry, particularly among politicians and the media.[1]

'Partnership' with governnment

Left to right: John Campbell, SFE Chairman, Managing Director State Street Corporation and Deputy Industry Chairman of FiSAB; Amanda Harvie, SFE Chief Executive; Jack McConnell MSP, First Minister and Chairman of FiSAB
First Minister Jack McConnell launched the first year report on the Strategy for the Financial Services Industry in Scotland at a business breakfast event organised by Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) in Edinburgh this week.
The event was attended by 200 senior representatives from financial services companies and the public sector. Jack McConnell was speaking in his capacity as the Chairman of the Financial Services Advisory Board (FiSAB), the unique partnership between government, the financial services industry, and trade unions in Scotland set up to ensure Scotland’s continuing success as an international financial services centre.
Amanda Harvie said: ”In Scotland government and the industry have taken the lead in pioneering a new approach of working in partnership to provide a world-class environment for financial services companies. The report published today demonstrates this initiative’s success. Taken individually, the many projects and actions delivered over the first year may not appear to be fundamental to the industry, but collectively they are and will make a vital difference to boosting Scotland’s continuing success and growth as an international financial services centre.”
“Scotland’s financial services industry has grown at 36 per cent over the last five years – four times the rate of the Scottish economy and more than double the rate of the UK financial services industry as a whole. This strong performance underlines the importance of the work that FiSAB partners are delivering to help financial services companies to compete successfully around the world from Scotland.” [2]

Scottish Financial Enterprise Board of Directors



Strategy for the Financial Services Industry in Scotland 2006 Annual Report. View the press release issued by the Scottish Executive.


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