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Ross Martin is the policy director at the Centre for Scottish Public Policy (CSPP)[1]. He is also a consultant for TPS Planning. Martin's profile on the TPS Planning website reads:

"Ross Martin is a political analyst and policy advisor, specialising in education and political engagement for TPS, where he utilises his skills as a (still practising) teacher and former senior politician. Ross served as Convenor of the Lothian & Borders Police Board and then as Chairman of West Lothian Council’s Education Committee in his late 20s and early 30s. He is currently part-time Policy Director at the Centre for Scottish Public Policy[2]


Martin is a close friend of Eric Joyce, the MP for Falkirk. The Scotsman reported on the relationship between Martin and Joyce after Joyce was embroiled in an expenses scandal. The report said:

"Questions are being raised about £18,000 he is alleged to have paid for services provided by Ross Martin, a former Labour councillor and close friend. The money was paid in utility bills, rent and consultancy fees to Networks Central Ltd, which has recently dissolved, having been run by Mr Martin, who was once a Holyrood candidate"[3].


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