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Rosemary Julia Thorold (born 18 January 1950) was whisky brand J&B's sponsorship and public relations manager - at least between 1991 and 1998. The brand was owned by Grand Metropolitan and became part of Diageo when Guinness and Grand Met merged. She is a company director, chair of a conservation NGO and member of the 'Peerage'[1]

Elite networks and Family

Thorold is well networked in the drinks industry and appears to move in elevated social circles being present at the memorial service for Vinter Geoffrey Jameson along with a representative of the Queen, where 'members of the livery' came from various representatives of the drinks industry, Eton College and Boodle's club.[2] She is a director of the Keepers of the Quaich an organisation positively stuffed with members of the Scottish titled class.

Thorold is used to such circles since her father - the son of a Baronet - was Lt.-Col. Montague Thorold who was born on 27 March 1906. He was the son of Sir James Ernest Thorold, 14th Baronet Thorold. and Katharine Tindal-Atkinson. He married Helen Moye Stone, daughter of Captain Barnard Moye Stone, on 23 November 1946. Their children are John Richard Thorold b. 6 Sep 1947 and Rosemary Julia Thorold b. 18 Jan 1950.[3] In 1991 her brother John married Elizabeth Cruikshank. Children Guy Thorold and Alexandra Thorold were born in 1992.[4]

Spinning Alcohol

Marketing whisky as 'rare'

Earthwatch's relationship with another of its cause-related marketing partners is rather different. At first glance it's harder to see what connection there is between the whisky giant Justerini & Brooks and its Care For The Rare global conservation programme. "The link-up came first of all from the fact that this was an area we identified as being of special concern to our customers," explains J&B's sponsorship and public relations manager, Julia Thorold. "We are very much an international brand, so we wanted to support charities that would truly have international appeal. "But we do look at this as part of our overall marketing strategy and that means we expect to get a return on our investment." J&B has so far contributed around pounds 500,000 to conservation projects including Earthwatch. "The crucial thing for all business looking to invest in cause- related marketing, is that both sides know what they expect from the tie-up - charity and business. And charities shouldn't be frightened of business talking about the relationship in marketing terms because if the deal is working for them it is much more likely to survive the economic bad times than if it's just a whim of the chairman or a connection without tangible benefit."[5]


She runs a property company Castelnau Property Company Limited from an address in Castelnau, the main street[6] running through the select area of Castelnau in BARNES (Richmond) LONDON (Postcode: SW13 9EA)



(circa 1991) Justerini & Brooks Marylebone Road London NW1[12]


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