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Q Society of Australia logo, Source: Q Society screengrab

The Q Society of Australia is an anti-Islam lobby group.

It describes itself as 'a not-for-profit civil rights organisation run by a dedicated group of volunteers'.

In March 2014 the group announced that it intended to launch a political party based on the hardline views of Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Its plans to field candidates at the next federal election has raised fears among moderate Muslims of a rise in extremism. [1]

Q Society's fundraising material states that

Our aim is to inform and widen the public understanding of Islam as aggressive global ideology. As more Australians understand Islam is not ‘just another religion’, this realisation will lead to a more critical debate about these non-spiritual and non-religious aspects of Islam; ultimately generating a shift in public opinion and policy creation. Q Society is a secular organisation and not associated with any political or religious movement.

It is registered in the state of Victoria, 'but active around the country with a national board, state chapters, local groups, members and supporters. [2]

SION host 2014

In March 2014 it held the First International Symposium on Liberty and Islam (SION) in Melbourne, Australia. Attendees and speakers included:




From private donations - it tells potential donors that:

Please keep in mind we are concerned with the socio-political, judicial, economical and demographic aspects of Islam, not the spiritual path or personal religion of Muslims.
  • Membership of the 'Q Coffee Club'. The latter's downloadable donation pamphlet explains that 'The Coffee Club allows you to act privately but on a very public issue') and 'is like your insurance to protect Australian values'. Subscribers can choose from three levels of monthly membership; from either $20, $40 or $100.[4]




Q Society of Australia Inc
Phone 02 8006 1525
Facsimile 02 8008 1529
ABN Number: 11 883 362 342

It lists a PO Box address for donations:

Society of Australia Inc
PO Box 1228
Altona Gate, VIC, 3025


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