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The One World Trust says it "promotes education, training and research into the changes required within global organisations in order to make them answerable to the people they affect and ensure that international laws are strengthened and applied equally to all."[1] It is based in the heart of Whitehall just across the road from the Ministry of Defence building.

The One World Trust rated Nestlé third highest out of ten corporations measured for its 2006 Global Accountability Report. [2]




Lord Peter Archer of Sandwell PC was formerly a practising QC, a former member of Parliament (Labour), Solicitor General in the 1974-9 Labour Government, and a former Chairman of Amnesty International UK. He has written books on law, politics, human rights and international relations, and is active in the House of Lords. He is President of the One World Trust, of the World Disarmament Campaign, and of the Fabian Society.




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