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Next Century Foundation for Peace (NCFP) is an elite think tank, lobbying group, conflict resolution organization and media prize giving organization. Its principals are made up of "former diplomats, businessmen, politicians, bankers and editors."[1] Its "deliberations and conclusions of the committee will be conveyed to the Foreign Ministers or Foreign Office concerned in various capitals as and when necessary"[2].

NCFP has facilitated meetings between Conservative MP Michael Ancram and Hamas in Damascus. William Morris, the chairman of NCF, stresses the importance of dialogue with groups like Hamas. He describes NCFP's role as passing information between Israel and Hamas because the two groups don't talk to each other[3]. The Foundation is also working in Iraq where Morris describes the political situation as "enormously positive despite terrible violence". In an interview in February 2009 Morris argues that the Iraqi people have embraced democracy since the US led 2003 invasion and this has led to "quite a positive scene".[4]


NCFP was founded in 1990 by the late Claud Morris to provide a forum for off-the-record discussion between Palestinians and Israelis. Founding members were businessmen, politicians, journalists and diplomats, including:

The Foundation broadened its sphere of influence over the years. It worked on crises in Iraq, Kashmir, Kosovo and Sudan as well as maintaining its original focus on the Middle East Peace Process.[5].


Lord Andrew Stone[6] | Ari Rath | Lord David Alliance | David Sasson | June Jacobs | Justin Alexander | Mark Hambley | Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad M. Al-Khalifa | William Morris is Secretary General of NCF and son of NCF's founder, the late Claud Morris


Lord David Alliance | June Jacobs | Mark Hambley

Donors: Middle East Peace

David Alliance | The Quatari Government | Dalia Salaam Rishani | Diana Rawstron | Tony Klug | Ibtisam Auchi

Donors: Media Issues

Felix Posen | The Posen Foundation | John Porter | Ribal Al Assad

Donors: Iraq

U.S. Government | The Spanish and Poruguese Synagogue

Donors: Iran

U.S. Government

Other Donors

George Pitcher | Khalid Al-Duwaisan | Elizabeth McKune | Mili Gottlieb | Dalia Salaam Rishani | Christopher Tugendhat | Parry Mitchell | David Alliance | Ivor Lucas | George Windsor | Harold Walker | Jeremy Hanley | Geoffrey Whitfield | Leila Faramazi | Joanne Varley | Mona Al Khatib | June Jacobs | Tony Klug | Robert Stone | Philip Reeker | Peter Dannheisser | Ann Leslie | Mark Hambley


Joseph Stone | David Sassoon | Ari Rath | Yoav Stern | Hershel Gluck | Peter Dannheisser | Margaret Tomkinson | Loveday Morris | Abigail Fielding-Smith | Zalina Edema | Meera Sabartnam | Mili Gottlieb | Jane Kinnimont | Max Dannheisser

Advisory Board

Harold Walker | Joseph Stone | Jeremy Hanley | Mohamed Shaker | Russell Twisk | Eric Roleau | Nasser Bin Hamad M Al-Khalifa | Walid Issa Taha | Dalia Salaam

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UK: 4 Vincent Square, London SW1P 2LX
USA: 190 Longhill Street, City of Springfield, MA 01108
Phone: +44 (0) 207 821 6566


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