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Michael Ancram (Michael Andrew Foster Jude Kerr, 13th Marquess of Lothian) PC, QC, MP (born 7 July 1945), is a United Kingdom Conservative Party politician. He is MP for Devizes. Ancram was a signatory to the statement of principles of the Henry Jackson Society, the premiere British neoconservative organisation founded in 2005.[1]

However on 21 April 2006 he became one of the first senior Conservative MPs to call for British troops to withdraw from Iraq, saying Iraq was effectively in a state of civil war and 'It is time now for us to get out of Iraq with dignity and honour while we still can.[2]

More recently he has been criticised by neoconservatives such as Dean Godson and David Trimble for supporting negotiations with Hezbollah and Hamas on the model of the Irish peace process.[3]

Donations received

Ancram received £5,000.00 from Sir Henry Keswick of Jardine Matheson in 2001. His constituency of Devizes has continued to receive money from Keswick.[4]



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