Neoconservative Chronology 2004

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  • Dean Godson wrote a study of the 'Lessons from Northern Ireland for the Arab-Israeli conflict' for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs which argued that the British "believe that the IRA, like the Palestinians, has a great number of very good excuses to go back "to war."
  • 5 Paul Wolfowitz visits Munich and Warsaw.
  • 6 Paul Wolfowitz visits London for meetings with No. 10 and the Ministry of Defence. In the evening, he meets a group of British writers at Annabel's in Mayfair. This may be the occasion when he met Nick Cohen, John Lloyd and Charles Moore at Annabel's. It may also be the occasion when Cohen described Wolfowitz presenting "a coherent case for helping the democratic movement in Iran fight the priests."
  • 6 Labour Friends of Iraq founding statement posted online.



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