George Galloway

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George Galloway

George Galloway was the Labour Party Member of Parliament (MP) for Glasgow Hillhead from 1987-1997 and Glasgow Kelvin from 1997-2005 and the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow from 2005 to 2010 and Bradford West from 2012 to 2015.[1]

Galloway won a libel action against the Daily Telegraph (part of the Hollinger International group).

Expulsion from the Labour Party

In October 2013 Galloway was expelled from the Labour Party for his comments on the Iraq war.[2] Galloway continued as an Independent Labour MP.


In 2004 Galloway started the Respect Party.[3] Standing as the Respect candidate he won a seat in Bethnal Green and Bow, beating Labour's Oona King by 823 votes.[4]

Galloway stood in the 2010 general election in Poplar and Limehouse, coming third behind Labour's Jim Fitzpatrick and the Conservative's Tim Archer, winning 8,160 votes.

In March 2012, at a by-election in Bradford West caused by Labour's Marsha Singh resigning on health grounds, Galloway won the seat by 10,140 votes.[5]

Galloway contested the 2015 general election in Bradford West but came second to the Labour Party's candidate Naseem Shah by 11,420 votes.[6]

After losing his seat, Galloway said:

'I don’t begrudge the Labour members here their moment of celebration of course.
'But there will be others who are already celebrating: the venal, the vile, the racists and the Zionists will all be celebrating.'[7]

Outside earnings

In 2014 The Guardian listed Galloway as the MP with the third greatest outside earnings. Galloway registered media work between April 2013 and November 2014 with payments totalling £303,350 [8] Galloway earnt a considerable amount of this from Associated Press,for four television programmes a month for Russia Today, from Al-Mayadeen TV, Beirut, for presenting two television programmes per month and from LBP TV who pay him for a weekly news show for Press TV. [9]



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