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Lynda Gauld (right) poses for press photos as part of Pfizer's community involvement strategy, which links corporate involvement in schools with their attempts to extract profit from the NHS [1]


Lynda Gauld runs Edinburgh-based PR and lobbying firm, Baccus Consulting.

She is a former Associate Director of Caledonia Consulting. Prior to moving into consultancy, Gauld was Head of External Affairs for Pfizer in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Prior to her promotion to Head of External Affairs, Gauld worked as an NHS liaison manager with Pfizer [2]. At the time of writing Gauld appears to be both involved with Caledonia Consulting and with her own lobbying/PR firm called Baccus Consulting. It appears to have no website but Gauld's 'LinkedIn' profile notes that:

Health is by far the largest area of policy devolved to the Scottish government. It accounts for almost one third of all public spending under the control of the SNP-led administration, and falls under the Ministerial responsibilities of Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing.
Baccus Consulting Ltd have the potential to work with clients in all areas of corporate and product positioning; across the full range of stakeholders and opinion formers, including healthcare, public relations, medical educational needs and strategic planning, as well as advocacy relations and issues and crisis management.
NHS and public affairs programme management
Professional and patient - advocacy relations
Health policy planning and communications[3]

She is convener of the Scottish Parliament Business Exchange.




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