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Larry J. Hochberg is former Chairman and Chairman Emeritus of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.[1]


European Leadership Network

He is currently Chairman of ELNET (European Leadership Network) a pro-Israel European advocacy group. The ELNET website provides the following description of the organisation:

ELNET strengthens relations between Europe and Israel based on shared democratic values and common strategic interests. ELNET impacts ongoing policy issues affecting Europe-Israel relations by building relationships between senior European and Israeli decision-makers, conducting educational programs enhancing mutual understanding and empowering European citizens to be politically engaged.[2]

He was formerly the National Officer for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). His business activities include founding Sportmart Inc. and Children's Bargain Town. He was the the CEO of the former company. [3]

In May 2008 Hochberg attended the second annual Heroes of Conscience Dinner as a member of the honorary dinner committee hosted by the American Freedom Alliance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library:

At our second annual dinner, we pay tribute again to heroes of conscience - men and women who stand at the forefront of the battle to preserve our freedom. We are grateful for their courage and tenacity in confronting those who would imprison our thoughts, stifle our imagination and rob us of our liberty. In defense of our freedoms they have dared to venture beyond the comforts of family, career and personal commitments, taking great risks on a daily basis in order to elevate the truth.

One of the honourees at the event was Ed Ames, then president of the Los Angeles branch of the Zionist Organization of America.[4]

In 2010 Hochberg was listed as a member of the Host Committee for the 2010 Foundation for Defense of Democracies Washington Forum:

FDD's annual Washington Forum brings together diplomats, intelligence and military experts, policymakers, media and stakeholders for expert panels, debates, and discussions.

That year's forum was titled 'Countering the Iranian Threat'.[5]

Other figures on the committee, who like Hochberg, have been closely involved with the FIDF include Bernard Marcus (the chair of the committee) and Robert J. Shillman. [5]



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