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The European Leadership Network (ELNET) is a pro-Israel lobby group that aims to strengthen Israeli-European ties. The organisation provides the following description of itself on the ELNET website:

ELNET strengthens relations between Europe and Israel based on shared democratic values and common strategic interests. ELNET impacts ongoing policy issues affecting Europe-Israel relations by building relationships between senior European and Israeli decision-makers, conducting educational programs enhancing mutual understanding and empowering European citizens to be politically engaged.[1]


International Leadership Circa 2015

Larry J. Hochberg Co-Founder and Chairman

Raanan Eliaz Co-Founder and Director General

Dan Meridor Member, Advisory Board, ELNET-Israel

Pierre Dassas President, ELNET-France

Advisory Board Members of ELNET

Senator Joseph Lieberman

Senator Mark Kirk

Former Congresswoman Shelley Berkley

Former Senator Norm Coleman

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams

ELNET Staff Circa 2015

International Staff

Raanan Eliaz Co-Founder and Director General

Pascaline Wagemans Project & Research Coordinator

Emma Tett Project & Operations Coordinator


Andreas Buettner Executive Director, ELNET-Germany

Janika Bratvogel Deputy Director, Development, ELNET-Germany


Dr. Arié Bensemhoun Executive Director, ELNET-France

Charlotte Gribe Project & Research Coordinator, ELNET-France

Sarah Perez Research Officer, ELNET-France


Jacek Olejnik Executive Director, ELNET-Poland


Dr. Ari Varon Executive Director, ELNET-Israel


Lee Rosenblum National Executive Director, Friends of ELNET (FELNET)

Jonathan Boyer California Director, Friends of ELNET (FELNET)

Rebecca Modell National Operations Manager, Friends of ELNET (FELNET)[2]





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