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Ian Tunnicliffe was the Director Information Operations at Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) where he is responsible for helping to advise clients on strategic communications campaigns and the development of information operations capability [1].

He served for 20 years in the British Army, rising to the rank of Colonel.

A member of the MOD Strategic planning Group, he helped develop cross government strategic communications plans in response to a number of international crises in the Balkans, Africa, Asia and in particular the Middle East, serving as the Information Operations Desk Officer during the Iraq crisis and conflict (ibid.).

Commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in December 1984 he has served in a variety of operations across the world including the first Gulf war, the withdrawal of British forces from Hong Kong, the liberation of Kosovo and a total of 3 years service in Northern Ireland. His last post in the Army was in Baghdad, Iraq, during the period Sep 03 to June 04, where he worked as Director Plans in the Office of Strategic Communications of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), working for Ambassador Paul Bremer.[1] During his tenure, he was responsible for Iraq wide Coalition and UN media campaigns to inform the population of Coalition and UN activities.

After his post in Baghdad he moved into communications advising, becoming the UK Director of Public Affairs for Pleon UK [2].

Tunnicliffe is friends with (former?) Beaver Westminster analyst Alexis Everington who at one point was listed as a friend on Tunnicliffe's Facebook page.[2] In 2005 Tunnicliffe also co-authored an article in Public Affairs News with the head and founder of Beaver Westminster Paul Beaver.[3]



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