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Manny Weiss (Emmanuel Weiss) is the CEO of Marylebone Diversified LLP, a commodities trading advisor in the base metals business, London Metals Exchange futures and options market-making and brokerage.[1]

Early life

Weiss was born in Brooklyn, New York.[2]


Weiss has an MA from the City University of New York.[1]

Henry Jackson

Weiss was a volunteer for US Senator Henry Jackson.[2] He worked intensely on getting the Jackson-Vanik Amendment though Congress in 1973.[3]

Philipp Brothers

Weiss worked at Philipp Brothers early in his career.[2]

Marc Rich & Co.

Weiss was head of aluminum trading at Marc Rich & Co.[1]

Fortune reported in 1988:

Now in his 30s, Weiss is a close friend and protege of Pinky Green. It was Weiss who did the firm's first metals deal, shortly after joining Marc Rich in 1975 as a teenage messenger in London. That year, while his boss vacationed, Weiss took charge of a telex from an East bloc country requesting zinc. He arranged the shipment, generating a fat profit.[4]

In the mid-1980s, Weiss spearheaded a strategy by which Rich affiliate Clarendon Ltd paid US smelters to process cheap Jamaican alumina during a glut in the market, establishing contractual arrangements which proved immensely profitable once the market recovered.[4]

Weiss later lost at least $25 million by shorting aluminum when the price dipped after the 1987 stock market crash only to recover the following year.[4]

He left the company in 1992.[2]

He subsequently founded Manro Haydan.[1]

Michael Gove

In October 2011, the Telegraph reported that Michael Gove's private office had received a £5,000 donation from Manrows, a company of which Weiss was the only director.[5]

Benjamin Netanyahu

Weiss' name appeared on a list dubbed Netanyahu's Millionaires compiled by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and team to map out potential donors.




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