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David Porter is an energy specialist who was appointed chair of lobbying firm Brevia Consulting's energy practice in February 2014.

He is previously chief executive of the Association of Electricity Producers (AEP), a key trade body for electricity producers from 1987 until 2012 when it was merged with Energy UK.

Porter was briefly Energy UK's first chief executive from April until September 2012 when Angela Knight took over.

He is a former director of the UK Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group (PRASEG).


According to a Worldwide Business Research profile:

In 1987 his public relations company began working for the AEP's predecessor, the Association of Independent Electricity Producers. In 1991 he became the association's chief executive.
In the 1990s, David served on the Executive Committee of the Electricity Pool of England and Wales, the DTI Renewable Energy Advisory Committee and the Government's "Foresight Energy Futures Task Force".

Porter has previously been:

Porter is an honorary fellow of the Energy Institute and Exeter University, and a former fellow of the RSA.[1]an Honorary Fellow of'

He is a past president of the Energy Industries Club.[2]



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