Committees on Arms Export Controls

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The Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) is made up of four select committees. These are the:

  • Defence Committee
  • Foreign Affairs Committee
  • International Development Committee
  • International Trade Committee

Nominated members

Any member of the four committees can attend CAEC meetings, but each committee has nominated members to routinely attend CAEC meetings. They are:

Member speaks out over government's refusal to name arms firms selling under controversial 'open licence' scheme

According to Middle East Eye, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, a Labour MP who sits on CAEC said that government ministers had refused to reveal the names of arms firms linked to open licence applications. 'Open licences in effect give a carte blanche to UK arms companies to transfer as many arms under a named category as they like to a specific country," he said. He added: "Only the firm knows how many weapons are being sent. The public doesn't know, not even CAEC knows and we are supposed to be the parliamentary body tasked with scrutinising the government." [1]






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