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Canning House is the first and foremost non-governmental institution in the UK focused on fostering joint British-Latin American interests, through political and cultural exchange.

Though its Director-General Charles Goodson-Wickes claims that Canning House lacks any "particular viewpoint," [1] its organisational body is comprised by senior Conservative Party, pro free-market and mining-industry figures, including Michael Portillo and Hugh Thomas, and Anglo American's former Chairman Mark Moody-Stuart. Its annual Canning Lecture of 2010 was presented by Foreign Secretary William Hague, who promised Latin America "a strong voice against protectionism and in support of free trade."[2]

Canning House is both registered as a charity, 'Trustees of The Hispanic and Lusa Brazilian Council', and a private company, 'Canning House Ltd'.

William Hague's Canning Lecture

<youtube size="small" align="right" caption="William Hague, Canning Lecture, 9 November 2010">2TdzRi9IXyc</youtube>

William Hague's Canning Lecture of 2010 marked the first time ever a British Foreign Secretary had presented a major address on UK-Latin American relations. In his lecture Hague declared "Britain’s retreat from the region is over, and it is now time for an advance to begin." His talk expressed Britain's assistance with the free-marketisation of Latin America, stating "We will look for every opportunity to deepen our own links [with Latin America], and lower the regulatory barriers to business that prevent us from doing more together." Pointing towards specific economic and security interests, William Hague stressed, "We say to our partners in Latin America, we want to work closely with you to tackle drugs and violence, support sustainable development and address energy security." In reference, assumedly, towards Latin America's burgeoning bio-fuel and large-scale dam developments, both of which entail enormous environmental costs despite their "green" presentation, Hague stated: "we are keen to help broker a strategic alliance between Latin America and Europe on climate change. As modernised economies we have it within our grasp to make a concerted shift towards the low carbon, climate resilient growth which is the key to the future."

Hague's full speech can be read here.

The "ideal setting" to meet the mining industry

Canning House is a centre for the growth of British-Latin American mining relationships. It has hosted numerous conferences alongside the International Council on Mining and Metal and Sociedad Nacional de Minería, Petróleo y Energía[3], and on topics such as 'Mining in Latin America'[4]

Following the negative-attention drawn to the Chilean mining industry by the 2010 Copiapó mining accident, where 33 miners were trapped in a mine shaft, Canning House acted to personally introduce the Chilean Minister of Mining to British mining firms and investors.[5]

International Mining magazine has written:

The Canning House location provides the ideal setting to link the high potential of the Spanish mining industry to the internationally competitive free market of mineral exploration and mining.[6]


President: Lord Brennan QC - Highest recipient of legal-aid in 2004.[7]

Chairman: Hugh Elliott - Former International Government Relations Manager of mining giant Anglo American.


Director General: Charles Goodson-Wickes (2010-) - former Conservative Party MP (1987-1997); acted as Lieutenant Colonel in first Gulf War.

Trustees of The Hispanic and Lusa Brazilian Council:[10] Roger Cartwright | Valerie Fraser | Eduardo Carmona | Geoff West | Paul White | Dick Wilkinson | Graham Smith | Hugh Elliott | Mark Alexander Flewitt | Andre Araujo Lopes | Marit Meyer-Bell | Maxine Molyneux

Corporate Partners

Patron Members:[11]

Anglo American | Antofagasta | Baker & McKenzie | BBVA | BG Group | BP | British American Tabacco | CAF | Cemex | Davies Arnold Cooper | DeLaRue | ED & F MAN | HSBC | Newstate Partners | Rio Tinto | Santander Group | Shell | UBS

Standard Members:

Amerisur Resources | Babcock and Wilcox | Barings | British and Columbian Chamber | British Council | Chile Copper | Cuatrecasas | The Economist Group | Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer | The Hanseatic Group | Jauregui Y Navarrete | LAN | Meliã White House | Orient-Express | QSIU | Royal Garden Hotel | Scotch Whisky Association | Thomas Greg & Son | University of Bath


Address: Canning House, 2 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PJ, England
Phone: +44 (0)20 7235 2303
fax: +44 (0)20 7235 2303
Facebook: Canning House
Twitter: @Canning_House




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