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After Britain voted in the June 2016 referendum to leave the EU, many law firms created dedicated ‘Brexit’ teams to handle increased clients demand.

Specialist legal recruiters Fox Rodney Search (FRS) are helping law firms build their Brexit teams. It say 'the most successful teams are being built with trade partners from law firms in both London and Brussels; and lawyers currently working within Governmental entities.'[1]

Former government lawyers can earn significantly more money in the private sector. And law firms get people with not just the relevant legal skills, but 'a unique understanding of the administrative and political processes across Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels.'

'Clients are already looking for advice on how to navigate new legislation and trade arrangements,' says FRS. Law firms are jostling to become the ‘go-to’ firm for Brexit advice, it adds.

'Law firms and Brexit-related, political hires'
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