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BP's Board of Directors

John Buchanan, chief financial officer, was appointed an executive director of BP in 1996. He is a non-executive director of Boots, the UK cosmetics and pharmaceuticals retailer and a member of the UK Accounting Standards Board [1].
  • Ruth S. Block Director, age 69 One of only 2 women at the top of the company, Ruth Block joined Amoco's board in 1986 [2]. She retired as executive vice president and chief insurance officer of The Equitable (the UK insurer) in 1987 [3]. She is a non-executive director of Ecolab [4], who serve clients within the fields of Agribusiness, Building Servives, Dairy Processing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, Pest Elimination and vehicle services [5]. She is also a director of Alliance Capital Mutual Funds (http://www.alliancecapital.com).
John Bryan joined Amoco's board in 1982, he is also chairman and chief executive officer of Sara Lee Corporation [6] who manufacture and market foods, underwear and household products worldwide [7]. He is also a non-executive director of Bank One Corporation (http://www.bankone.com), General Motors Corporation and Goldman Sachs [8].
Erroll B. Davis, Jr. joined Amoco's board in 1991. He is president and chief executive officer of Alliant Energy [9], which is an energy provider to consumers in the American mid-west [10]. He is a non-executive director of PPG Industries [11] which provides materials for manufacturing, construction, automotive industry and chemical processing [12]. In addition he is a member of the American Society of Corporate Executives and the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies [13], the association for US and international (shareholder-owned) electric companies [14]. He is also a member of the Wisconsin Association of Manufacturers and Commerce, the Iowa Business Council and the Edison Electric Institute: [15] 'The association of US shareholder-owned electric utilities and international affiliates' [16]. He is a member of the Nuclear Energy Institute, [17] whose purpose is to foster and encourage the continued safe utilization and development of nuclear energy in the US [18]. He is also a trustee of Carnegie Mellon University [19].
Richard Ferris joined Amoco's board in 1981. He retired as co-chairman of Doubletree Corporation [20] which manages resorts and business hotels [21], in 1997. He is a non-executive director of The Proctor & Gamble Company [22] (Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics).
Charles Knight joined BP's board in 1987. He is chairman and chief executive officer of Emerson Electric [23] who supply hi-tech engineering equipment to companies including BP [24] and is a non-executive director of Anheuser-Busch [25] whose operations are focused on beer, adventure park entertainment and packaging [26] and of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter [27], Financial services (http://www.morganstanley.com), IBM and SBC Communications [28], the US telecomunications Company [29].
Floris Maljers joined Amoco's board in 1994. He is a member of the supervisory boards of SHV Holding [30] whose business encompasses LPG, Food, Recycling and Venture Capital; [31] Vendex N.V. [32] who market consumer goods in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and the US; [33] and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines [34]. He is chairman of the supervisory board of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University [35].
Walter Massey first joined Amoco's board from 1983 to 1991, he rejoined in 1993. He is president of Morehouse College and is a non-executive director of Motorola (electronics company), Bank of America, McDonald's Corporation (fast food), the Mellon Foundation and the Commonwealth Fund [36], a private foundation which funds research on health [37].
Michael Miles joined BP's board in 1994. He is chairman of Johnson Matthey and a non-executive director of ING Baring Holdings and BICC [38], both finance companies.
Sir Robin joined BP's board in 1987, his past positions include chairmanship of Pilkington Optronics from which he retired in November 1998 [39]. Pilkington is the leading UK supplier of Electro-optic equipment [40]. He is a non-executive director of Rolls-Royce [41] the UK based automobile, aerospace and arms company, and a member of the UK Government's Council for Science and Technology [42].
Sir Ian joined BP's board in 1997 and was appointed deputy chairman in February 1999. He is chairman and chief executive of Bass (UK Brewers), a non-executive director of Glaxo-SmithKline (Pharmaceuticals) and vice president of the council of the Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association (UK) [43].
Wilson joined the board of Amoco in 1993. His other interests include his position as vice chairman and a director of RBC Dominion Securities and as a non-executive director of Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and of Rio Algom [44].
Sir Robert joined BP's board in July 1998. He is chairman of Rio Tinto, the notorious mining corporation and a non-executive director of Diageo [45] (Food and drink corporation [46]).
Wright joined BP's board in 1991, having previously been Permanent Under-Secretary and Head of the UK Diplomatic Service. He is a non-executive director of De La Rue [47] the global 'cash transactions' business [48].
Judith Hanratty joined BP in London in 1986 and was appointed company secretary in October 1994. She is a nominated member of the Council of Lloyds (the London Insurance Market), a member of the Competition Commission (formerly the UK Monopolies and Mergers Commission), and a member of the Listing Authorities Committee of The London Stock Exchange and the Takeover Panel (UK). She is also a governor of the College of Law and a Fellow of Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge [49].
Often the public face of BP, Lord Browne was appointed an executive director in 1991 and group chief executive in 1995. He is a non-executive director of Goldman Sachs Group and of Intel Corporation (computer components); a trustee of the British Museum and a member of the supervisory board of Daimler Chrysler (automobile manufacturers). He is also vice president and a member of the board of the Prince of Wales' Business Leaders Forum [50]. He is said to be a cool-headed man who lives and breathes BP. He's one of the key characters credited with turning BP around since 1992.
Rodney Chase was appointed an executive director of BP in 1992. When not at the helm of BP, he is a non-executive director of Diageo (food and drink corporation) and the BOC Group [51] (chemicals).
  • Doug Ford Chief Executive, Refining and Marketing, age 56
Doug Ford held a position as an executive vice president of Amoco from 1993 until January 2000 when he was appointed an executive director of BP Amoco. He is a non-executive director of USG Corporation [52] a US Fortune 500 corporation and manufacturer of building materials for the US construction industry [53].
Chris Gibson-Smith, was appointed an executive director of BP in 1997. He is a non-executive director of Lloyds-TSB [54], the UK Bank.
Dick Olver was appointed an executive director of BP in January 1998. He is also a non-executive director of Reuters Group [55] (News Agency).
Bryan Sanderson, was appointed an executive director of BP in 1992. He is chairman of Sunderland PLC, the British Football Club and a non-executive director of Corus, the UK Metals group, (http://http://www.corusgroup.com). He is president of CEFIC: the European Chemical Industry Council and vice president of the court of governors of the London School of Economics [56].


BP PLC, registered in England at Britannic House, 1 Finsbury Circus, London, is the overall BP holding company.

First order subsidiaries of BP PLC include many national and regional divisions of BP such as:

  • BP (Indian agencies) Ltd.
  • BP Africa Ltd.
  • BP China Ltd.
(all registered in England)

The most notable first order subsidiary remains BP International Ltd (registered in England). Below the BP international umbrella lie many further subsidiaries such as:

  • BP America holdings Ltd. (registered in England)
  • BP America Inc. (registered in USA)
  • BP Chemicals (International) Ltd. (registered in England)

Exploration and production (Ex-Pro.) is mostly divided into national subsidiaries under the BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd, Ex-Pro. Subsidiaries include, for example:

  • BP Exploration (Angola) Ltd.
  • BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Ltd.

Most BP subsidiaries can be recognised by the BP or Amoco name although others include The Standard Oil Co. Inc. and more obscure examples such as Grangemouth Polypropylene Ltd. Wholly owned UK subsidiaries are suffixed by the letters Ltd. (Limited Liability Company) and most US subsidiaries by the letters Inc. (Incorporated). A full list of subsidiaries can be found in 'Who Owns Whom' (vol.1 - UK & Ireland) available in the UK at most major libraries.


BP Group is the top level of the company hierarchy. For organisational purposes the Group is divided into 4 divisions:

  • Exploration & production
  • Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Gas & Power
(see divisional chief executives above)

Figures for production volumes and financial performance are reported separately for each division in BPs quarterly Financial and Operating Information. Most senior figures within BP Group including John Browne himself have made their way up through exploration and production, and despite BPs re-branding as an environmentally aware energy company it is this division which continues to drive the direction of the group.

Top Institutional Holders of BP [57] Shares Value
State Street Corporation 74,838,292 $3,708,237,369
FMR Corporation (Fidelity Management & Research Corp) 45,746,425 $2,266,735,359
AXA Financial, Inc. 44,415,420 $2,200,784,061
UBS Warburg LLC 16,933,090 $839,034,610
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Company 16,617,457 $823,394,994
Barrow, Hanley Mewhinney & Strauss, Inc. 15,631,424 $774,537,059
Bank of America Corporation 15,402,166 $763,177,325
Citigroup Inc. 13,230,389 $655,565,775
First Union Corporation 12,831,490 $635,800,330
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. 12,228,148 $605,904,733

Top Mutual Fund Holders of BP [58] Shares Value
Fidelity Contrafund Inc. 11,639,166 $576,720,675
Vanguard/Windsor II 11,098,572 $549,934,243
Alliance Premier Growth Fund 8,291,672 $410,852,348
Fidelity Growth And Income Portfolio 7,362,220 $364,798,001
Fidelity Equity-Income Fund 7,162,404 $354,897,118
Massachusetts Investors Trust 6,858,598 $339,843,531
Fidelity Magellan Fund Inc. 6,368,842 $315,576,121
Variable Insurance Products...
Fd-Equity-Income Portfolio 5,970,742 $295,850,266
Putnam Fund For Growth And Income 5,825,526 $288,654,813
Price (T.Rowe) Equity Income Fund 5,071,026 $251,269,338


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