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The University of the Arts is the new name for a variety of London colleges now amalgamated into one institution.

Lobbyists at the University of the Arts

Its Chancellor is New Labour uber-lobbyist and businessman Lord Dennis Stevenson. Julia Hobsbawm the new Labour PR operative is a visiting professor of Public Relations at the London College of Communication, one of the colleges in the University. Another visiting professor is Carole Tongue the former Labour MEP who works as a lobbyist at Sovereign Strategy Ltd.*Associate Director, Sovereign Strategy[1]

PR contract

The University retains Brunswick Arts, part of the Brunswick Group to do its PR. Brunswick is a firm which is connected to Dennis Stevenson, having taken over (in 2000) the consultancy SRU which Stevenson set up with Peter Wallis in the 1970s.

Think tank

The University has also set up a journalism think tank under the guidance of Julia Hobsbawm and John Lloyd. It is known as Polis and was created in 2006.


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