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:[[J. Robinson West]]  
:[[J. Robinson West]]  
:[[Dov Zakheim]]
:[[Dov Zakheim]]

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The National Interest is a prominent conservative international affairs journal published by the Nixon Center. In 1989, The National Interest published Francis Fukuyama's famous and controversial article, 'The End of History'.

Editorial Board

Nikolas Gvosdev, Editor
Justine Rosenthal, Executive Editor
Nassim Sultan, Assistant Editor
Jacob Heilbrunn, Senior Editor
Anatol Lieven, Senior Editor
Ximena Ortiz, Senior Editor
Ian Bremmer, Contributing Editor
Ted Galen Carpenter, Contributing Editor
John Hulsman, Contributing Editor
Ray Takeyh, Contributing Editor
Aluf Benn, Contributing Editor (Israel)
Alexey Pushkov, Contributing Editor (Russia)
Greg Sheridan, Contributing Editor (Australia)
Pang Zhongying, Contributing Editor (China)
Owen Harries, Editor Emeritus
Robert W. Tucker, Editor Emeritus

Advisory Council

Morton Abramowitz
Graham Allison
Robert F. Ellsworth
Martin Feldstein
Leslie H. Gelb
Fred C. Ikle
John J. Mearsheimer
Daniel Pipes
David B. Rivkin, Jr.
Helmut Sonnenfeldt
John H. Taylor
J. Robinson West
Dov Zakheim