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StandWithUs UK is the British chapter of right-wing pro-Israel group StandWithUs.


Israeli Minister Ya’akov Peri, an ex-intelligence head and current Minister of Science, spoke at Oxford University in November 2013 after being invited by StandWithUs UK.[1]

StandWithUs UK was instrumental in using legal arguments to pressure the trustees of King's College London students union to undermine a motion passed in support of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.[2]

It will hold its fifth annual student conference called 'Israel in Focus' in London in September 2014.[3]


StandWithUS UK has existed since approximately 2009.

In January 2014 the Oxford University student Israel society affiliated to StandWithUs and the Zionist Federation but the following month an Israeli student denounced the changes in an open letter saying the group had been 'co-opted from a cultural society to a hard-line political advocacy group'. The Oxford Student newspaper reported:

The letter points out that the Israel Soc constitution not only explicitly endorses the society’s partnership with StandWithUs, but also mandates the sending of delegates to its annual conference. Furthermore, much of Israel Soc’s funding comes from StandWithUs and the society’s fundraiser, Jonathan Hunter, is the StandWithUs Campus Director.[4]



April 2014

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StandWithUs UK does not disclose its sources of funding.


Website: StandWithUs UK



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