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Robert Edmiston (Lord Edmiston) is a billionaire businessman and the chairman of the IM group, an importer of cars.[1]

He is a member of the Midlands Industrial Council.

He joined the House of Lords on the 14 January 2011.[2]

Right-wing donor

Lord Robert Edmiston, Source: Event pics

Edmiston helps to fund the Conservative Party, the Taxpayers' Alliance and the West Midlands Taxpayers' Alliance.[3][4][5]

Edmiston is a member of The Leader's Group, the premier Conservative Party supporter group. Through an annual membership fee of £50,000 donors are able to secure access to leading members of the party.

Brexit donor

Edmiston was one of the top five donors to the campaign to leave for Britain to leave the EU, donating in the region of £1m.

His firm, International Motors, gave £850,000 to Vote Leave. IM Group also gave £100,000 to Grassroots Out, the Leave campaign backed by donor Arron Banks.[6]

Business interests

Edmiston founded IM Group, International Motors’ parent company, in 1976.

Charitable interests

He is founder of a charitable trust called Christian Vision, now known as just CV. Edmiston is also the principal sponsor of three City Academy schools in the West Midlands.


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