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Peter Bingle is a high-profile British lobbyist, who was the Chairman and former MD of Bell Pottinger Public Affairs (BPPA) from 2001 until May 2012. Known as the man "who never knowingly under-lunched" [1] Bingle has spoken out vociferously against the regulation of the lobbying industry and the Coalition goverment's planned 'lobbyists register', arguing that "public affairs is an honourable profession" that "leads to better government".

Bingle is now MD of Peter Bingle Consulting/Terrapin Communications, based in London.


2012: MD, Peter Bingle Consulting/Terrapin Communications 2007: Chairman, Bell Pottinger Public Affairs 2001: MD, Bell Pottinger Public Affairs 2000: MD, GPC 1999: MD, political unit, The Communications Group 1987: Director, Westminster Strategy 1982-1990: Councillor, Wandsworth Council

On leaving Bell Pottinger; 'the best job in politics'

Bingle announced he would be leaving BPPA in May 2012 to "pursue new interests" including forming his own political consultancy called Peter Bingle Consulting. His move came as Bell Pottinger moved towards a buyout led by Chime chairman Lord Bell who told PRWeek: "Peter Bingle is going to pursue his own affairs. He’s decided to go off and do his own thing." [2]

Bingle commented that he was giving up "the best job in politics":

I have had the most fantastic time over the last eleven years. BPPA has become a major force in the public affairs market and we have developed a reputation for being best in class as well as the best fun to work with. All good things must come to an end, however, and now is the right time for me to pursue what I have wanted to do for some time. I have therefore decided to give up the best job in politics. During my time at BPPA there is one person who has always supported me. Tim Bell has been a great boss and a wonderful friend.” [3]

Joining the APPC

In June 2012 PR Week reported that after years of fierce criticism, Bingle was set to join the APPC, particularly its obligation for members to register their client lists on a quarterly basis. Bingle declared his change of heart had come about because the APPC is now chaired by APCO vice-chair public affairs, Europe, Michael Burrell. [4]


In 2009, before the General Election, Bingle wrote to all of his clients declaring them to "Deal with Brown, Prepare for Cameron". He also promised them he would introduce them to key members of the shadow cabinet and the key influencers who will draw up the Tory manifesto, citing Michael Gove and Oliver Letwin in particular, declaring, "The trick is early and ongoing engagement".[5]


Holds two twitter accounts, the latter appears to be his new main one:

@Parsifal2 and @PeterBingle

In the week after leaving BPPA and tweeting for new for "any clients out there who are dissatisfied with their public affairs agency please contact me at", Bingle further tweeted:

Day four of my new life and I have never been happier. I might even apply to be a contestant in the next series of The Apprentice ... [6]


  • In October 2013 he sat on the panel of a Battle of Ideas Festival session on lobbying. [7]



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