Michael Dugher

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Michael Dugher

Michael Dugher has been the Labour Party MP for Barnsley East since 2010 and vice-chairman of the Labour Party. [1] He was appointed a shadow defence minister in 2010, and a shadow minister without portfolio in the Cabinet Office since 2011.[2] Before that, he was parliamentary private secretary to the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, and was shadow minister for defence equipment, support and technology.

In the 2015 general election, Dugher retained his seat with a majority of 12,034 over closest competitor Robert Swiffen of UKIP. [3]

As of September 2015 he has been appointed the Shadow Culture Secretary in the wake of the 2015 leadership election. [4]


Michael worked at 10 Downing Street as chief political spokesman for the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He previously worked as a special adviser in a variety of Government roles, including: Transport, Local Government and the Regions; Defence; for the Leader of the House of Commons; and for the Government Chief Whip.

Prior to working in government, he was head of policy for the AEEU Engineering Union (now Unite). Michael is still a member of Unite and also a member of Britains biggest trade union Unison. [5]

Labour leadership 2015

Dugher is the manager of Andy Burnham's campaign to become Labour Party leader. He will be joined by Luciana Berger, Owen Smith and Lord Falconer.[6]


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