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Keith Boyfield is an economist, specialising in competition and regulatory issues. Well-connected in business, think tank and academic circles he cuts an influential figure in his areas of expertise. He has formed his own company, Keith Boyfield Associates.[1]

According to his biography:

Keith Boyfield is a consultant economist who specialises in competition and regulatory issues. He advises a range of multinational companies, trade associations and non-profit organisations.
He has acted as a consultant to a range of the world's largest companies including Mid American Energy Holdings, Seagram and Siemens. He has also advised several major financial institutions including Aon and J P Morgan Chase.
Keith was awarded a Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2003, the world's largest professional body for marketing, for whom he has also acted as a consultant.
He is a regular contributor to the editorial section of the Wall Street Journal and is a columnist for Acquisition Monthly.
He has written numerous studies for several leading think-tanks, including the European Policy Forum, the Institute of Economic Affairs, and the Centre for Policy Studies.
Most recently, Keith was made a Fellow of the Globalisation Institute, a newly launched think-tank focusing on free trade and international development, with particular reference to enterprise-based solutions to poverty [2].

In 2009 Boyfield was appointed Chairman of Leriba Ltd, a pan-African business intelligence consultancy.[3]


Communications and Marketing

Financial Services clients

Think Tank and Policy Development clients



Some newspaper articles by Keith Boyfield

  • 'Deeply Unsatisfactory', State of the Union column, Wall Street Journal Europe, 19 February 2007.
  • 'Competition authorities are dragging their heels', The Business, 30 April 2006.
  • 'Europe's Energy for Mergers', Wall Street Journal Europe, 14 September 2005.
  • 'A Day at the Races', Wall Street Journal Europe, 14 June 2005.
  • 'Liberate Europe from regulatory excess', Financial Times, 11 March 2005.
  • 'There is only one winner (again)', The Independent, 15 July 2004.
  • 'Merger watchdog that needs bringing to heel', Financial Times, 5 February 2004.
  • 'Runway that is ready to take off', The Business, 12 October 2003.
  • 'Mergers Can't Save the Airline Industry', Wall Street Journal Europe, 6 October 2003.
  • Personal view, 'A competitive edge could lift the spirits in the departure lounge', Daily Telegraph, 25 August 2003.
  • 'Put air slots up for auction', The Business, 11 May 2003.
  • 'Finding the right place for the right to fly', Financial Times, 25 April 2003.
  • 'Europe's No-Frills Airlines Have All the Fun', Wall Street Journal Europe, 22 October 2001.
  • 'Britain is Regulating its Utilities to Death', Wall Street Journal Europe, 23 October 2000.
  • 'When Advertising is Against the Law', Wall Street Journal Europe, 6 March 2000.

Some recent publications by Keith Boyfield

  • 'Study on the Impact of the Introduction of Secondary Trading at Community Airports', produced by Mott MacDonald in association with Hugh O’Donovan, Quadrant Chambers; Keith Boyfield Associates and Oxera. Commissioned by the Directorate General for Energy & Transport, European Commission, January 2007.
  • 'Regulating Communications: The future regulation of the UK Communications & Broadcasting', European Media Forum, May 2006 (ISBN 1-903-850-20-7).
  • Contributor, Financial Strategy, 2nd edition, edited by Janette Rutterford, Wiley Publishers, February 2006, (ISBN 0 – 470 – 01656 – 6 ).
  • 'At Odds With Taxpayers: Why a Cosy Deal on the Tote is Bad for Punters and the Public', Adam Smith Institute, October 2004, (ISBN 1-902737-45-8).
  • 'Do The UK Regulatory Agencies Provide Taxpayer Value?' co-author with Tim Ambler, Centre for Marketing Working Paper No 04-902.1, London Business School, March 2004.
  • 'The Impact of No Frills Carriers on the European Scheduled Airline Market', Sources of Competitiveness Series, Volume II, Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2001.
  • 'Britain's Unsolved Housing Dilemma', joint editor with Graham Mather, European Policy Forum, 2001 (also contributed the concluding chapter, 'The Housing Morass: A Public Policy Response').
  • Contributor, regulation chapter, Turning Point? An independent review of UK energy policy, edited by Professor Michael Loughton, published by British Energy, 2001.
  • 'Transformation in the Utilities Market', Sources of Competitiveness Series, Volume 1, Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2001.
  • 'The Single Market for European Advertisers', Kogan Page, 2000.
  • Written evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Environment, Transport & Regional Affairs on Regional Air Services published together with oral evidence in House of Commons report HC 589-ix, 3 June 1998, The Stationery Office.
  • 'The Digital Dilemma: A Response to the Government's Proposals on Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting', co-author with Brian Sturgess, Wardrobe Place Papers, 1995.
  • 'Transmission to the Private Sector: The Future of the BBC Transmission Network', Adam Smith Institute, 1995.
  • 'Plane Commonsense: The case for feeder-reliever airports in the South East, Adam Smith Institute, 1994.
  • 'A Minister for London - A Capital Concept', FPL Financial, co-authored with William Letwin, Professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics.

Articles in magazines and professional journals by Keith Boyfield

  • 'The FSAP: overrated, oversold and over here' , The Financial Regulator, Vol 11 No 4, March 2007, Central Banking Publications.
  • Guest editor, Economic Affairs, Vol 26, No 2 June 2006 issue, Blackwell Publishing. Contributed editorial feature on 'Better Regulation without the State'.
  • Book review. Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector by Stephen Goldsmith and William Eggers, Brookings Institution Press in Economic Affairs, vol 26, no2, June 2006.
  • Book review. Alarming Drum: Britain 's European Dilemma, Peter Morgan, Exeter Imprint Academic, in Economic Affairs, Vol 26, No 1, Blackwell Publishing, 2006.
  • Columnist for Acquisitions Monthly, the international M&A and buy-outs magazine, Thomson Financial Publications, (online edition and monthly magazine), Regular contributor beginning January 2001 onwards.
  • 'Game on: The US Energy Act opens the door for the consolidation of America's fragmented utilities industry', Utility Week, 7 October 2005.
  • 'Shop Tactics: M&A in European utilities', Utility Week , 15 July 2005.
  • 'Learn by numbers: the adoption of IFRS accounting standards', Utility Week, 17 June 2005.
  • 'Gain On', front cover feature article, Utility Week, 8 October 2004.
  • 'Eastern Europe prepares to privatise it's energy sector', Utility Week, 7 November 2003, Reed Business Publications (
  • Book review. The Verdict of Peace – Britain Between Her Yesterday and the Future, Corelli Barnett, Macmillan, in Economic Affairs, Vol 23, No 2, Blackwell Publishing, 2003.
  • 'Americans Fly', front cover feature article, Utility Week, 1 November 2002, Reed Business Publications (
  • Book review. Regulation of Network Utilities: The European Experience, edited by Claude Henry, Michel Matheu and Alain Jeunemaitre, Oxford University Press, The Business Economist, vol. 33, No 1, 2002 (the journal of the Society of Business Economists).
  • Book review. Prof David Newbery's Privatization, Restructuring and Regulation of Network Utilities, MIT Press in The Business Economist, vol. 32, No 1, 2001.
  • 'Why survival will rely on branding skills', Market Leader, the journal of the Marketing Society, issue no 11, Winter 2000/2001.
  • 'Braving Europe's ad markets', Media & Marketing Europe, EMAP Business Communications in association with The Economist, January 2000.
  • 'Asia Markets Monitor', co-authored with Andreas Loizou. A review article based on an in-depth survey of Asian capital markets published as a supplement to Global Custodian, Summer 1998 issue.
  • 'Private Sector Funding of Public Sector Infrastructure', Public Money & Management, volume 12, Number 2, April - June 1992, Public Finance Foundation, Blackwell Publishers.


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