Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation

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The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is an ‘independent expert advisory committee’ and as such is responsible for providing impartial advice to the Secretaries of State for Health, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on ‘matters relating to communicable diseases, preventable and potentially preventable through immunisation.’

According to the Department of Health’s website, all JCVI recommendations to ministers should be:

  • evidence-based
  • based on good practice and/or expert opinion
  • transparent and robust
  • made after a ‘systematic appraisal of all available evidence from a wide range of sources’.

JCVI members are appointed by the Appointments Commission and the committee itself is independent of the Department of Health. [1]


  • Professor Andrew Hall - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Dr Raymond Borrow -Head of Vaccine Evaluation Department, Manchester Medical Microbiology Partnership, Manchester
  • Prof Judith Breuer - Professor of Virology, University College Hospital
  • Professor Alan Emond - Professor of Community Child Health at the University of Bristol. *Director of the centre for Child and adolescent Health, Bristol.
  • Professor Jonathan Friedland - Dept of Infectious Diseases, Imperial College, Hammersmith Hospital, London
  • Dr Anthony Harnden - University Lecturer and Principal in General Practice, Oxford University and Morland House Surgery, Wheatley, Oxfordshire
  • Dr Jennifer Harries - Director of Public Health, Monmouthshire Local Health Board and National Public Health Service for Wales
  • Dr Paul Jackson - Consultant Paediatrician, Belvoir Ward, Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, Falls Road, Belfast
  • Dr Gabrielle Laing - Community Paedatrician and clincal director in City and Hackney PCT
  • Mrs Pauline MacDonald - Nurse Consultant in Communicable Diseases, Dudley Primary Care Trust
  • Ms Anne McGowan - Nurse Immunisation Coordinator, Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust, Wales.
  • Mrs Vivienne Parry - Writer and broadcaster
  • Dr Andrew Riordan - Consultant in Paediatric infectious Diseases and Immunology at Alder Hey Children's Hospital
  • Dr Richard Roberts - Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, Vaccine Preventable Disease Programme, National public Health Service, Wales
  • Professor Claire-Anne Siegrist - Paediatric Immunologist, Head of the vaccinology centre and research laboratory at Geneva University Hospital
  • Dr Ahmed Syed - Consultant in Public Health Medicine and Immunisation Co-ordinator, Greater Glasgow NHS board, Dalian House, Glasgow
  • Dr Christopher Verity - Consultant Paediatrician and Neurologist, Addenbrook's Hospital Cambridge

Ex officio:


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