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The Global Business Network is a membership organization and consulting firm that advises businesses on possible future scenarios. It was founded in Berkeley in 1987 by a group of friends including Peter Schwartz, Jay Ogilvy, Stewart Brand, Napier Collyns, and Lawrence Wilkinson. According to its website:[1]'Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Global Business Network was founded in 1987 as a unique learning community based on ruthless curiosity, collaboration, and powerful new tools for thinking about and shaping the future.

GBN's network spans the globe, blending strategic thinkers from leading companies in established and emerging industries; visionaries from the sciences, arts, business, and academia; and a community of practice engaged in innovating and transferring tools for scenario thinking and strategic action. For over sixteen years GBN has convened this network, both electronically and in-person, to explore emerging issues and ideas and their implications for business and society.'

It is associated with the International Futures Forum and is linked to from the web page of the Scottish Parliament's Futures Forum.

Members of GBN include:

GBN is based in Emeryville, California, though a move to San Francisco is planned for May 2006.

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The GBN is funded by almost 200 large corporations, including many with terrible records of environmental and human rights abuses:[2]


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