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Filip Dewinter, Leader of Vlaams Belang in Israel, 2010

Filip Dewinter is the Vlaams Belang leader in the Flemish Parliament. He was born in Bruges (11.09.1962), but lives in Antwerp, where he also leads the Vlaams Belang group in the municipal council.[1]


Following the emergency lockdown in Brussels a week after the November 2015 Paris attacks, Dewinter tweeted a series of anti-Islam comments (See images on the righthand side).

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In an interview during a visit to Hungary he said:

"Migration is the trojan horse of terrorism" [2]



In October 2007, Dewinter spoke at the CounterJihad Brussels 2007 conference, and Vlaams Belang became an affiliate of the CounterJihad Europa network which emerged from the event.[3]

Vlaams Belang's participation was defended by Robert Spencer:

The counterjihad conference that touched all this controversy off -- since VB and SD reps attended it -- was openly pro-Israel, featuring an address by Andrew Bostom on antisemitism and another by the decidedly non-dhimmi Israeli politician Aryeh Eldad. There was nothing white supremacist or neo-Nazi about it, and in fact it seemed to herald a new phase of cooperation between European and American anti-jihadists, although its genuine work has been completely overwhelmed by the ensuing controversy.[4]


Parliamentary visit to Syria

In March 2015 Dewinter led a Belgian parliamentary delegation on a visit to Damascus in Syria.

PEGIDA rally speaker

In early December 2015 Dewinter is due to speak at a PEGIDA conference in Dresden, Germany.


In 2012 his then 19-year-old daughter An-Sofie posed in a bikini and Islamic headdress in a 'shocking poster for the Vlaams Belang party’s campaign against Islamization and discrimination of women using the slogan: ‘Freedom or Islam? Dare to choose.’ This campaign was in collaboration with the organisation 'Vrouwen Tegen Islamisering' (ie, “Women against Islamization”). [5]

Social media

Twitter: Filip Dewinter ‏@FDW_VB



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