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Climate Resistance is a blog on the climate change debate. Launched in 2007, it is edited by Stuart Blackman and Ben Pile.[1]

It identifies "environmentalism" as the problem in the climate change debate:

Environmentalism is in the ascendant. It holds that instead of buffering ourselves against whatever Mother Nature has to throw at us, we should try to make the weather marginally different by cutting down on the things that make life worth living.[2]

It states:

There is good scientific evidence that human activities are influencing the climate. But evidence is not fact, and neither evidence nor fact speak for themselves.
The evidence for anthropogenic climate change is neither as strong nor as demanding of action as is widely claimed. ... Political arguments about climate change are routinely mistaken for scientific ones. Environmentalism uses science as a fig leaf to hide an embarrassment of blind faith and bad politics.[3]

Ben has an association with the libertarian and anti-environmental LM network, through speaking at the Institute of Ideas[4], providing articles for Culture Wars[5] and Spiked, [6] and acting as a judge for Debating Matters. [7] Stuart also has a limited association with the LM network through writing for Spiked[8] and speaking at an event of the Battle of Ideas.[9]

On Twitter, Clim8resistance follows LM network entities and associates Big Potatoes, cScape, David Bowden, Justine Brian, Daniel Ben-Ami, Patrick Hayes, Timandra Harkness, James Heartfield, Tiffany Jenkins, Angus Kennedy, Rob Killick, Rob Lyons, Brendan O'Neill, Martyn Perks, James Panton, Karl Sharro, Austin Williams and James Woudhuysen.[10]







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