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Logo of the Ariel Center for Policy Research. Accessed 4 February 2014.

The Ariel Center for Policy Research is a right-wing think thank based in Israel. It has been described as a "a hard-line Likudist Israeli think tank that opposes the peace process."[1] As of 2013, the Ariel Center’s website appeared to be largely defunct. Its series of publications starting at number 1 in 1997 ceased at number 176 in 2008.[2]


Facing Jihad conference

On 14 December 2008, the Facing Jihad conference sponsored by the Ariel Center[3] took place at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. Hosted by nationalist Israeli parliamentarian Arieh Eldad, the one day event was promoted by PR company Ruder Finn[4] and featured a number of well known anti-Islam counterjihad activists including Geert Wilders who showed his film Fitna.[5][6]


Prof. Arieh Eldad, MK | Prof. John Lewis - 'The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism: A Proper Policy' | Dr David Bukay - 'Jihad and Da`wah: What the West Must Know of the Islamic Strategy' | Itamar Marcus - 'The World Under Islam - In Their Own Words' | Prof. Shlomo Sharan - 'Indoctrination in Israel’s Public Education' | Daniel Pipes - 'Israel and Clear Victory' | Fitna Screening and commentary from Geert Wilders MP


Contributing experts

Prof. Edward Alexander | Haim Assa | Dr. Ilan Asya | Yitzhak Bam | Christopher Barder | Prof. Anne Bayefsky | Dr. Aharon Ben-Ami | Dr. Atalia Ben-Meir | Prof. Yosef Ben-Shlomo | Prof. Louis René Beres | Ilan Berman | Rabbi Dr. Ervin Birnbaum | Dr. Alexander Bligh | Yossef Bodansky | Rudy Boschwitz | Dr. David Bukay | Dr. Angelo M. Codevilla | Lloyd deMause | Anthony Dennis | Prof. Yehezkel Dror | Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld | Prof. Paul Eidelberg | Prof. Talia Einhorn | MK Arieh Eldad | Dr. Raya Epstein | Aharon Etengoff | Yoram Ettinger | Joseph Farah | Dr. Joel Fishman | Dr. Geoffrey E. Forden | Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. | Dr. David Gates | K.P.S. Gill | Paul Giniewsky | Howard Grief | Prof. Moshe Guelman | Elyakim Haetzni | Haggai Huberman | Dr. Jeffrey A. Isaacson | Prof. Raphael Israeli | Elon Jarden | Prof. Eliyahu Kanovsky | Dr. Yaakov Katz | Prof. Aharon Klieman | Dr. Yitzhak Klein | Dr. Netta Kohn Dor-Shav | Dr. Joel S. Kvitky | Dr. Uzi Landau | Dr. Danny Leshem | Aharon Levran | Dr. Azriel Lorber | Dr. Gal Luft | Yisrael Medad | Dr. Irving Moskowitz | Prof. Meltem Müftüler-Bac | Binyamin Netanyahu | Dr. Mordechai Nisan | Yosef Oren | Dr. Ilan Pappe | Dr. Reuven Pedatzur | Dr. Walid Phares | Shawn Pine | Dr. Steven Plaut | Prof. Eli Pollak | David Pryce-Jones | David Rokéah | Dan Rosen | Philip Rosenau | Olivier Roy | Prof. Edward Saar | Dr. Ajai Sahni | Gedalya Schmalberg | Dr. Charles Selengut | Prof. Yehezkel Shabath | Prof. Shlomo Sharan | Prof. Moshe Sharon | Dr. Shaul Shay | Dr. Martin Sherman | Prof. Eliav Shochetman | Dr. Dany Shoham | Prof. Arnon Soffer | Prof. Ezra Sohar | Prof. M.L. Sondhi | Mordechai Sones | Arieh Stav | Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg | Dr. Yuval Steinitz | Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto | Dr. Susanne Urban | Dr. Laurence Weinbaum | Justus Reid Weiner | Prof. Robert Wistrich | Prof. Ze'ev Wolfson | Dr. Meyrav Wurmser | Dr. David Vaughan | Sarit Yalov[7]


According to Rightweb:

The center's financial backers have included the Tel Aviv-based Arison Foundation and the New York-based Friends of the Ariel Center for Policy Research. The Arison Foundation was founded by deceased Israeli billionaire and Carnival Cruise line founder Ted Arison... The Ariel Center received its founding grant from the Arison Foundation in 1998.[8]
The Friends of the Ariel Center for Policy Research was a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Brooklyn, New York, whose primary purpose, according to its 2010 Form 990 tax return, was 'to support an academic policy and research center in Israel, and to produce, print, and publish research papers and studies.' Its total assets as of 2010 totaled more than $645,000.[9]


RightWeb Profile


Address: Ariel Center for Policy Research / NATIV
POB 99, Shaarei Tikva 44810, Israel
Tel: +972-3-906-3920


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