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Yavneh College is a school in Elstree near London. The school is run by the Yavneh Foundation Trust a registered charity.

Zionist school

The Hertsmere Jewish Primary School in North London, for instance, described itself in 2018 as ‘Zionist’.[1] Nearby Yavneh College in Elstree, is described by the Board of Deputies of British Jews as having “Zionist aims”.[2] The school advertised itself, as recently as last year, as ‘a religious Zionist school’ under the heading ‘Me and My Land’.[3] But British Jewish children have no right to the so called ‘land of "Israel"’. Such apologia for ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism should have no place in a democratic society
The school boasts of inviting extremist Zionist groups in year 12 (16-17 years old) to indoctrinate the pupils including a “special programme run in partnership with Mizrachi UK” where they are taught “how to be a positive advocate for "Israel".” Mizrachi is a religious Zionist group, formally signed up to the Zionist movement. The course leads to an “"Israel" advocacy speaking competition”. In Year 13 (17-18 years old) “students are able to take part in an "Israel" course that focusses specifically on "Israel" on campus.” This involves hearing “campus focussed speakers including representatives from UJS and StandWithUs” on “how to be positive advocates for "Israel" in the next stage of their life”. UJS is formally a Zionist organisation for UK students, while StandWithUs in the UK is a subsidiary funded by its US parent which is, in turn, a direct asset of the Zionist regime. According to the former "Israel"i Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, "Israel" uses StandWithUs to ‘amplify our power’ and ‘for leverage’.
Unsurprisingly students from such schools often emerge as extremist supporters of Zionism, and play leadership roles in the Zionist movement. For example, the 2021-22 head of the Union of Jewish Students, Nina Freedman, attended Yavneh College, was a member of the Federation of Zionist Youth, then the president of the Bristol Jewish Society for a year (2019-20) before becoming president of the UJS. She spent the summer of 2019 running propaganda tours to "Israel" for 13-14-year-old Yavneh College pupils, where she was ‘expected to educate the pupils on a variety of topics, including Judaism, "Israeli" culture and politics and secular and Jewish history.’[4]



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