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Below is a list of 32 individuals identified as Terrorism Experts in Ed Herman and Gerry O’Sullivan, The "Terrorism" Industry, 1989. The names are listed alphabetically by surname and the columns A, B and C indicate the reason for their inclusion.

This list is one of a number compiled including:

Table 7-1

The Experts (alphabetically by surname)

Name of Expert A B C
Fouad Ajami ×    
Yonah Alexander × ×  
M. Cherif Bassiouni   ×  
John Bowyer Bell   ×  
Alun Chalfont     ×
Joseph Churba ×    
Ray Cline ×    
Richard Clutterbuck   ×  
William Colby ×    
Martha Crenshaw   ×  
Brian Crozier   ×  
Arnaud de Borchgrave     ×
Lawrence Eagleburger ×    
Samuel Francis     ×
Ted Gurr   ×  
Paul Henze ×    
Brian Jenkins × ×  
Jeane Kirkpatrick     ×
Robert Kupperman × ×  
Walter Laqueur × ×  
Michael Ledeen ×    
Neil Livingstone ×    
Ariel Merari ×    
E.V. Mickalous   ×  
Robert Moss     ×
Richard Pipes     ×
Stefan Possony     ×
Uri Ra-Anan ×    
Claire Sterling ×    
Maurice Tugwell     ×
E.V. Walter   ×  
Paul Wilkinson × ×  
Column A: Experts Based on Citations in 135-Item Media Sample
Column B: Experts According to Expert Citations in Schmid
Column C: Supplementary Experts based on the authors’ judgment of importance as measured by influence and outreach