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Below is a list of the 25 think-tanks and private research institutes estimated to be most influential with the UK Government.


The list was compiled by first of all compiling a list of all the institutions directly affiliated with the 100 experts from the Major World Newspapers List. This yielded a list of 110 unique institutions. ‘Direct affiliation’ was construed as meaning employment or appointment in an institution, excluding looser affiliations such as personal or social connections, partnership on particular projects, or contractual work. Affiliations to universities, government institutions or the media were not included in this list.

Each of these 111 institutions were then ‘Googled’ at http//www.Google.co.uk for webpages in the UK with a government URL address. The number of results returned, as well as the specific search terms used, are set out in the table below.

Terrorism Institutes ranked according to influence with UK Government

1 Chatham House "Chatham House" OR "Royal Institute of International Affairs" inurl:.gov9,980
2 Amnesty International "Amnesty International" inurl:.gov 8,040
3 Human Rights Watch "Human Rights Watch" inurl:.gov 975
4 Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies "Royal United Services Institute" inurl:.gov 471
5 Brookings Institution "Brookings Institution" inurl:.gov 389
6 International Crisis Group "International Crisis Group" inurl:.gov 335
7 Defence Academy Defence Academy 251
8 Risk Management Solutions "Risk Management Solutions" inurl:.gov 217
9 Foreign Policy Centre "Foreign Policy Centre" inurl:.gov 205
10 Council on Foreign Relations "Council on Foreign Relations" inurl:.gov 165
11 International Institute for Strategic Studies "International Institute for Strategic Studies" inurl:.gov 139
12 RAND Corporation "RAND Corporation" inurl:.gov 119
13 Centre for Strategic and International Studies "Centre for Strategic and International Studies" inurl:.gov 107
14 Risk Advisory Group "Risk Advisory Group" inurl:.gov 96
15 Boston Consulting Group "Boston Consulting Group" inurl:.gov 87
16 Hoover Institution "Hoover Institution" inurl:.gov 56
17 Oxford Research Group "Oxford Research Group" inurl:.gov 56
18 Ditchley Foundation "Ditchley Foundation" inurl:.gov 54
19 American Enterprise Institute "American Enterprise Institute" inurl:.gov 41
20 United States Institute of Peace "U.S. Institute of Peace" OR "United States Institute of Peace" inurl:.gov 41
21Cato Institute "Cato Institute" inurl:.gov 32
22 Jane’s Information Group "Jane’s Information Group" inurl:.gov 26
23 Center for Strategic and International Studies "Center for Strategic and International Studies" inurl:.gov 19
24 Independent Institute "The Independent Institute" inurl:.gov 18
25 AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies "AEI-Brookings Joint Center" inurl:.gov 16