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From the The Rosenkranz Foundation website:

The mission of The Rosenkranz Foundation is to encourage the highest levels of achievement and innovation in public policy, higher education and the arts. It seeks to promote fresh and effective intellectual perspectives. It is committed to promoting intellectual diversity in public policy discourse and higher education.[1]

The Rosenkranz Foundation has three primary areas of interest: public policy, higher education, and the arts, especially Asian art.[2]


The Rosenkranz Foundation provided a grant of $20,346 to Civitas in March 2008 for a ‘Research fellow to study threats to those who speak out against Islam across Europe’.[3] The Rosenkranz Foundation has also funded the neoconservative think-tank the American Enterprise Institute and the neoconservative magazine Commentary which describes itself as ‘the intellectual home of the neoconservative movement’.[4], It also funds Policy Exchange where its founder Robert Rosenkranz is a trustee.[5]



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The Rosenkranz Foundation
590 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
212-303-4475 fax


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