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Robert Rosenkrantz (born 5 August 1942) is an American multi-millionaire financier. He is Chairman and CEO of Delphi Financial Group and founder of The Rosenkranz Foundation which has funded right-wing think-tanks like Policy Exchange, Localis [1] and the American Enterprise Institute. [2] He was appointed a Trustee of Policy Exchange on 18 January 2010.

'America should be the world’s policeman'

Rosenkranz sponsors the US debating organisation Intelligence Squared. In 2008 he sponsored and presented a debate on the motion, 'America should be the world’s policeman'. Arguing for the motion were Max Boot, Michael Mandelbaum and Douglas Murray. [3] The conservative English journalist Matthew Parris, who argued against the notion commented on its proponents:

Both Murray and Boot and Michael Mandelbaum, too clever for the mob on their own side, represent one of the most interesting political experiments in outsourcing ever conducted -- U.S. conservatism’s franchising out to experts of its higher mental faculties. Their function, they’re a kind of priesthood, is to flatter stupider people that there exist higher arguments, smarter than they themselves can quite grasp, for things that they wanted to do anyway. They should be here in white robes. [4]


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