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Roger Ewart-Smith


Ewart-Smith joined the London-based merchant bank NM Rothschild in 1988. He is Managing Director within the energy team. He is seen as a key figure within the city, pushing for a new nuclear build and securing the right finance and investment climate.

Nuclear clients

From 2001-2006, Ewart-Smith had a particular focus on the nuclear sector and advised BNFL in relation both to its own restructuring and its role in the restructuring of British Energy. He also lead the team that advised BNFL on the sale of Westinghouse. [1]

The nuclear conference circuit

Ewart-Smith is a key banker on the nuclear conference circuit. He spoke at the World Nuclear Association Annual Symposium in September 2005 in London. [2]

He also spoke at the BNES and European Nuclear Society event "Securing the Future - The Role of Nuclear Energy" at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Hall in March 2006, along with key nuclear advocates as James Lovelock and companies such as British Energy and Westinghouse. [3]

He was listed as speaking at the Adam Smith Institute's inaugural "Nuclear Industry Forum" in May 2006 alongside:


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