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Rick Nye is a Director of Populus, a research consultancy 'specialising in evaluating and advising on corporate reputation, issues management and strategic communication'.[1] Prior to that Nye was director of Research at the Conservative Party and was one of the former directors of the Social Market Foundation.[2] Specialties include 'reputation research in public & private sectors, issues & crisis management, message alignment'[3] As the Conservatives' Director of Research he 'managed the Party's largest department, ran its polling and advertising campaigns and acted as speechwriter and adviser to successive Tory leaders.'[4] He encourages companies launching PR campaigns to influence policy or have it changed to use 'research', commission a survey and send out a press release:

'...if you are looking at a long-term campaign to make real changes, you have to go about it like a political party or well-funded NGO would, and use research...An MP is more likely to back a campaign if there is hard evidence behind it...If you can back up your campaign with research that is impartial you are more likely to be taken seriously.'[5]


  • September 2003 – Present Director Populus Corporate reputation research & analysis.
  • January 1999 – February 2003 Director of Research Conservative Party, Political adviser & speechwriter. Ran polling and advertising campaigns.
  • December 1994 – December 1998 Director Social Market Foundation (4 years 1 month) Campaigning, writing and publishing on health, education and welfare reform.
  • He is a former Times new technology journalist of the year.[6]




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