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Richard Edward Lee Smith (born November 1954)[1] is the Managing Director of H.R.Smith Group, which is based at Leominster in Herefordshire. The group includes the company Techtest. He is a member of the TaxPayers' Alliance and the Midlands Industrial Council.[2]

TPA Move to Tufton Street

In March 2010 the TaxPayers' Alliance moved offices to Tufton Street, the move was the 'brainchild' of Richard Smith who is described by Matthew Elliott of the TPA as 'a TPA supporter and donor to various other think tanks'.[3] Tufton Street is well known for think tanks and lobbyists.

EU Referendum

Smith is believed to have donated £150,000 to the Labour Leave campaign in the EU referendum.[4]


Midlands Industrial Council | TaxPayers' Alliance


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