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Richard Gnodde (born March 31, 1960) is the South African born co-chief executive of Goldman Sachs International.


Meeting with UK Coalition Minister

A month after the new UK Coalition government took office in May 2010, Gnodde and co-CEO Michael Sherwood secured a meeting with UK Treasury minister Mark Hoban. According to SpinWatch.

What was discussed at this meeting, however, will never be publicly known as no agenda or formal minutes were taken, despite David Cameron's pledge that his Ministers must be “transparent about what we do and how we do it”.[1]


Gnodde joined Goldman Sachs in 1987, progressing to become vice-chairman based in London by 2005, then co-CEO of its international subsidiary in July 2006.

According to the Financial News,

Gnodde helped build the European merger and acquisition franchise in London and went to Japan in 1997 where the bank was hugely successful. Two years later he moved to Hong Kong to become president of Goldman Sachs Asia and helped secure the increasingly important Chinese markets before returning to London in 2005. Gnodde plays a double act role with Sherwood, acting as the diplomatic operator behind the scenes inside and outside the firm.[2]

As co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International, Gnodde came to prominence advising Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal in his £17 billion bid for the European producer Arcelor. [3]


According to The Times

A persistent myth that follows Mr Gnodde around is that he was in the South African secret services, or alternatively that country’s equivalent of the Special Boat Service. His 6ft 4 inch frame may explain these misconceptions, but in fact he did his national service in the South African navy. He read law at Cambridge, joined Goldman in 1987 and moved to Japan ten years later.

Gnodde is married with three children. [3]


Asked by The Times to give names of contacts and friends who might cast light on his character, his chosen selection from his contact book included Lakshmi Mittal; City Minister Lord Myners; Mervyn King, Bank of England Governor; and former BP chairman Lord Browne of Madingley, 'among others equally elevated'. [3]



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