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Professor Peter Styles is an academic who was one of three experts commissioned to write a report after fracking operators Cuadrilla's operations caused tremors in the north east of England in 2011.

He is staunchly pro-shale gas exploration, and believes its development is essential for the UK's long term energy security. [1]

Refine project

Styles is work group leader (seismicity) on the Researching Fracking in Europe (ReFINE) a UK-based academic research group led by the Durham Energy Institute, one of eight research institutes at the University of Durham. Refine is led jointly with the University of Newcastle. Set up in 2013, group describes itself as 'the leading independent researchers'

The consortium focuses on the issue of shale gas and oil exploitation using fracking methods and its potential risks.
Over a two year period ReFINE will carry out scientific research, with the recognition that there are many important social impacts related to the potentially widespread exploitation of gas- or oil-rich shales across Europe. [2]


The consortium is funded by Shell, Chevron, GDF SUEZ, Centrica, and the Natural Environment Research Council, with the Environment Agency, DECC, the European Commission Joint Research Centre and the British Geological Survey participating in an advisory-stakeholder capacity. The consortium has the support of organisations such as the Geological Society of London, the Bulgarian Geological Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry.





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