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Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is a non-departmental public body in Britain, established to fund and manage research in the environmental sciences. It receives 'around £370 million of annual funding' from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).[1]


Council Members

  • Edmund Wallis, Chairman (Chairman WS Atkins 2005 - January 2010.)
  • Professor Duncan Wingham, Chief Executive and Deputy Chairman
  • Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Adviser, Defra (Observer status on BBSRC Council. Member of Scottish Science Advisory Council.)
  • Professor Paul Curran, Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Physical Geography, City University London (In receipt of ESA funding.)
  • Rowan Douglas, Managing Director, Willis Analytics for Willis Re
  • Nick Folland, Executive Director, Group CEO's Office and External Affairs, The Co-operative Group
  • Professor Charles Godfray, Professor of Zoology, University of Oxford
  • Professor Louise Heathwaite, Professor of Land & Water Science and Co-Director of the Centre for Sustainable Water Management in the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University. (She also works part-time for the Scottish Government as Chief Scientific Adviser for Rural & Environment. Member of the Defra Science Advisory Council and Steering Board of the UK Collaborative on Development Sciences. Trustee of the Eden Rivers Trust (to 2012).)
  • Professor Georgina Mace CBE, Professor of Biodiversity & Ecosystems at University College London (Deputy Chair, Diversitas Science Committee until 2011. President, British Ecological Society, 2011 to 2013. Trustee of the charity WCS Europe.)
  • Professor Paul Monks, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Leicester (Chair, DEFRA AQEG. Consultancy, MKS Instruments, MARS.)
  • Ian Simm, Chief Executive of Impax Asset Management Group plc (Executive Director of all Impax Group companies. Member of Steering Committee for Low Carbon Finance Group.)
  • Professor Julia Slingo OBE, Chief Scientist, Met Office
  • Christine Tacon CBE, Independent director food and farming industries (Non-exec director of Met Office, Anglia Farmers and Ursula Agriculture. Member of Defra Strategic Regulatory Scrutiny Panel and Business Advisory Board for LWEC. Chair of BBC Rural Affairs Advisory Committee and Food & Drink Engineering Forum.)
  • Professor Andrew Watson, Professor at the University of Exeter, College of Life & Environmental Sciences
  • Lord Philip Willis, Member of the House of Lords Science & Technology Committee (Member of the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee. Chair of Association of Medical Research Charities.)
  • Rebecca Willis, Independent consultant in environmental policy and practice (Adviser, Lake District National Park Authority. Associate, Green Alliance. Adviser, Community Innovation in Sustainable Energy, University of Sussex.)

Executive Board Members


Supported organisations


Polaris House
North Star Avenue
Swindon, SN2 1EU
Tel: 01793 411500
Fax: 01793 411501


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