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Paul Stephenson is lobbyist and political campaigner in the UK.

In September 2016, he launched Hanbury Strategy, a lobbying firm with ex-David Cameron adviser Ameet Gill, specialising in 'Brexit intelligence and Brexit insight'.

Prior to that Stephenson was PR lead for the Vote Leave campaign to pull Britain out of the EU.

He is a former Special Adviser to the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond.[1]

He is also ex-Director of External Affairs at British Banking Association[2]

Revolving Door

In October 2016 he came under fire for launching a lobbying firm and accepting clients without getting clearance from ACOBA, a government watchdog responsible for monitoring the business appointments of former civil servants. The consulting agency he launched is called Hanbury Strategy and has a focus on Brexit. The firm was launched with David Cameron's former strategy chief Ameet Gill [3]

The committee expressed its concern about his behaviour in a damning letter to civil service chief John Manzoni.

I would like to register the Committee’s concern that Mr Gill’s consultancy and the fact that it had already secured clients was announced before the Committee had had the opportunity to offer its advice. [...] To fulfill the remit given to it by government the committee needs to be able to consider an application fully and freely before offering its advice. It is impossible to do this in a way that will command public confidence if an appointment has already been announced and taken up.'

ACOBA noted that the company would have to gain approval for every new client it wins over the next two years. [4] [5]

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