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Patrik Brinkmann, Source: Pro-NRW

Patrick Brinkmann (also spelled Patrik Brinkmann) is a 'Swedish-German millionaire businessman' who formerly (until 2011) led the anti-Islam Pro Berlin party and in 2011 was also international secretary of Pro Bürgerbewegung.[1]

According to research carried out by British group Hope Not Hate in 2011, Brinkmann 'has sought to fund and establish an anti-Islamist party in Germany as part of a broader pan-European network of anti-Islamist, populist parties which would include ultra-nationalist elements in Israel'.[1]

He founded a think tank called Continent Europe Foundation (KES) in 2004, with the reported aim 'to unify the European far-right'.[1]

British group Hope Not Hate claims British counterjihad activist Ann Marchini connected Brinkmann with Canadian industrialist Bjorn Larsen, leading to the Geert Wilders rally in Berlin in Oct 2010.[2]


Brinkmann reportedly donated 5 million Euros to Pro NRW in 2010.[1]



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