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The Ostro Fayre Share Foundation (charity no. 1090985), previously the Faye Share Foundation, was established on 7 March 2002.[1] A summary of the organisations activities states 'The Ostro Fayre Share Foundation seeks to promote interfaith, collaboration and connectivity between different communities; to encourage good citizenship and advance entrepreneurialism as a force for good. The Foundation supports faith based charitable purposes and is engaged in promoting the relief of poverty and women's economic empowerment in Burma.'[2]

Projects, Initiatives

Collaboration House

Collaboration House is situated at 77-79 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4PW. Set up to facilitate an exchange of ideas and collaborations between different faith groups and charities, it 'had an experimental period from 2014-17 focussing on learning what activities and facilities would enhance collaboration for a curated group of charities working in similar areas. Another area of interest was to see if the concept of co-location of these organisations would further enhance the relationships not only between faiths, but also with the wider community.'[3]

List of charities housed at Collaboration House:

Strengthening Faith Institutions

Since 2016 the Ostro Fayre Share Foundation has been partnered with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) in rolling out a nationwide initiative called Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI), which provides training to over 800 religious institutions in England.[4]

In January 2021 SFI was awarded a grant worth £1.15 from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to help improve Covid-19 awareness and promote vaccine take-up among minority communities.[5]

website: https://www.sfitogether.org

eg (Entrepreneurial Giving)

Entrepreneurial Giving is a movement that allows businesses to make a pledge to donate a percentage of their exit proceeds to charity. Through the EG network it aims to nurture a new generation of purpose-led businesses.[6]

EG Gurus: Maurice Ostro | David Young | Emma Jones | Charles Wigoder | Michael Hayman | Philip Kirkpatrick | Rajeeb Dey | Howard Leigh | Chris Sanger | Karan Bilimoria | Elizabeth Slee | Mustafa Field | Isabel Kelly | Jason Holt | Rafia Qureshi


In 2012 Maurice Ostro travelled to Myanmar with a UK Government delegation to look at opportunities to help with political and economic development. Subsequently, the Ostro Foundation and Ostro Minerals launched the Mining for Development Initiative in Myanmar. Partnering with Hillberg & Berk, the initiative worked to build a team of Buddhist and Muslim women in Mandalay with the aim of 'creating a network to connect jewellery companies across the globe with local Burmese artisans and the graduate cutters and polishers.'[7]


Smiles was setup during the Coronavirus pandemic with the aim to create face coverings using the smiles from famous portraits and history’s boldest trailblazers.[8]

Faiths United

Faiths United is a coalition of faith leaders and activists responding to the COVID-19 crisis, representing all nine major faiths. Set up at the start of the pandemic, it provides a forum for faith communities to discuss how they have been coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, to share best practices, and to drive joint responses.[9]

Connected Communities

Connected Communities was a youth competition setup in the summer of 2020. The initiative called on young people to share their stories of how the pandemic lockdowns had brought communities together through written word, pictures or videos, about how the lockdown impacted their relations with others.

Partners of Connected Communities: Faiths United | Faiths United Youth Network | Church of England Newspaper | British Muslim TV | Asian Voice | Sikh Channel | Jewish News | Faiths Forum for London | Storytelling Schools | Ostro Fayre Share Foundation | iNews | The Eden Project | First News | /Together[10]



As of 6 August 2021:


Contact, website

Address: 62 Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 3JF
Phone: 02075699093
Email: info@fayresharefoundation.org
Website: www.ostro.com/foundation


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