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The term used to describe a number of young Tory radicals around the leader David Cameron.

  • David Cameron, Conservative leader. Married to Samantha, a baronet's daughter and a director of Smythson, the Bond Street stationers. Three children.
  • George Osborne Married to Frances, a successful author whose first book was praised by Cherie Blair. Two children.
  • Steve Hilton, 36, advertising and polling guru who is seen very much as the backroom brains of the set. The key figure behind Mr Cameron's speeches, press articles and strategy.


  • Rachel Whetstone, 37, director of corporate affairs for Google's European offshoot. Was political secretary to Michael Howard.
  • Catherine Fall, 35, ambassador's daughter who is nicknamed "the Gatekeeper" because of her meticulous control over Mr Cameron's diary. Met him at Oxford.
  • Nicholas Boles, 40. Openly gay Tory who narrowly lost the Hove constituency at last year's general election. Runs the Policy Exchange think-tank.
  • Michael Gove, Oxford-educated (like almost all the set) former Times journalist and highly influential MP.
  • Ed Vaizey, Telegenic MP for Wantage and son of Lord Vaizey, the economist, who defected from Labour in the 1970s.[1]
  • Alice Thomson The Daily Telegraph. She and her husband, Edward Heathcoat Amory, 'are loyal members'[2]


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