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Lottie Dexter being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman in 2014 on BBC Newsnight

Lottie Dexter became a special adviser to Damian Green, Work and Pensions Secretary in summer 2016. Prior to that, from July 2014, she was special adviser to Matthew Hancock, minister for the Cabinet Office and and Paymaster General and a former minister of state at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Department of Energy and Climate Change.[1]


Dexter was director of the government-backed Year of Code, a campaign set up 'to help transform computing education around schools in the UK'. [2] Dexter was a communications manager/coordinator and researcher at the think tank founded by Iain Duncan Smith, the Centre for Social Justice. [2] In this role she oversaw the profile of the think tank and 'worked closely with the media to publicise reports'. [3]

Dexter also founded Million Jobs, a campaign that aimed 'to bring together local communities, private sector companies and the government to address the problems posed by youth unemployment. As director she travels around the UK to hear from unemployed young people, and is committed to giving a voice to disenfranchised youths'. [3]


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