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LCCS is a member funded forum and company, affiliated to UK Trade and Investment, the Consilience Energy Advisory Group and the UK Business Council for Sustainable Development to promote emissions trading and carbon markets and assist businesses in achieving Kyoto commitments. It contributes to climate negotiations promoting the the potential of carbon markets to grow the British economy.

They say of themselves: "LCCS promotes the shared interests of leading UK businesses. Supporting organisations include academic institutions, engineering firms, consultancies, legal firms, accountants, verification bodies, market traders, commodity brokers, and information technology providers. These companies offer services to the growing global market for the management of climate change responsibilities. Members of the LCCS provide highly skilled jobs and value added to the British economy.

The London Climate Change Services Group has been established with three principal aims, namely:

1. To support the development of an effective carbon market as a weapon against climate change 2. To provide UK expertise to the development of carbon markets 3. To promote London as the International Centre of the Climate Change Services Industry" [1]



Anthony Hobley Chairman.

Liz Boss Membership Marta Miazza General inquiries.

Jeff Chapman of UK Trade and Investment is involved through the London Climate Change Service Providers Group.


Publications, Contact, Resources and Notes

LCCS is based in Grosvenor Gardens House, a hub of carbon trading and other market-based climate change solution organisations.

London Climate Change Services,
4th Floor,
35-37 Grosvenor Gardens,
London SW1 OBS






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