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Lloyds TSB Group was renamed Lloyds Banking Group following the acquisition of HBOS in January 2009, making it the largest retail bank in the UK.'


Lloyds TSB was the result of a merger between TSB Group and Lloyds Bank Group, one of the oldest banks in the UK and the first in Birmingham. Taylor's and Lloyds was founded in 1765 in Dale End, Birmingham by buttonmaker John Taylor and iron producer and dealer Sampson Lloyd III. Through a series of mergers Lloyds emerged to become one of the Big Four banks in the UK. It also acquired overseas businesses, particularly in Brazil and New Zealand. It also owned a life assurance company Lloyds Abbey Life. In 1994 it acquired the Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society, giving it a large stake in the UK mortgage lending market. In 1995 it merged with Trustee Savings Bank (TSB) to form Lloyds TSB.


Lloyds Bank Plc

Early 90s board of directors:

Record and Controversies

Revolving Door

  • Sir Philip Hampton, former CEO of UK Financial Investments Ltd, was Group Finance Director of Lloyds TSB from 2002 to 2004.[1]
  • U.K. Life Peer Alexander Leitch, Lord Leitch of Oakley, has been a Director of Lloyds TSB plc since 2005.[2]
  • Sir David Manning, former Ambassador to Washington from 2003 to 2007, was appointed a Non-executive Director at Lloyds TSB Group plc in May 2008.[3]
  • U.K. Hereditary Peer John Palmer, 4th Earl of Selborne, was Director of Lloyds Bank Plc 1994-95 and Lloyds TSB Group Plc from 1995 to 2004.[4]

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For subsequent years see Lloyds Banking Group


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